TPU Protection Films

What are the films do we(Rizka Creations) Have?

We (Rizka Creations) make the films for almost all the phone brands, including all the upcoming models will be added to the list. Currently we have the protective films for more than 2500 phone models. If your phone model is not in the list, please contact us, we will make it for you.
The do have the films for Front, back and full back.

  • Front Film : The front film comes up to the edge of the phone’s screen glass. There won’t be any black lines in the corners or edges left on the phone screen. The holes for the camera, earpiece, call sensors & home button will be available. 
  • Back Film : The back film comes up the edges with holes for the camera, flashlight & fingerprint sensor
  • Back Full Film : The back full film comes with the back area and the side, top & bottom areas of the phones. The holes will be left for the charging port, hands free, volume button, power button, speakers & other buttons.
    “Special Note:
    – Back Full Films are not available for all mobile phones. It’s available only for limited mobile phones, because of the edges, materials & curves
    – We do not recommend the Back Full Film, Because the edges/curves might not get pasted firmly. You will need to use a heat machine to paste it firmly”