TPU Protection Films


  • High transparency : The clear material shows the highest quality of your screen 
  • Anti-shock : The film protect the screen from sudden shocks & touches  
  • Clean Usage : It gives your phone screen protection from fingerprints, oil stains, smudges and water drops
  • Scratch-resistant : The scratches and damages are resisted & restored automatically within 24 hours. The scratches like keys, pen & etc. 
  • Case compatible : Perfectly fits with the phone cases, which will be stretched up to the corner of the screen glass. 
  • Strong anti-fragmentation ability – Protects against sharp objects. 
  • Anti-dust : Ability to remove the dusts automatically with simple clean. Doesn’t glue the dust on the screen or corners. 
  • 100% Protection – It protects your phone from high impact drops, keys in your pockets, metal objects in your bags and other day to day scratches.
  • Full cover : The film comes in full, which perfectly fits the whole screen glass of the phone. 
  • Automatic restoration : The self healing technology automatically restores or repairs the scratches & small damages within 24 hours.  
  • Slim : only 0.2mm thick the slickest and smoothest shield on the market.
  • Sensitive : The sensitive touch mostly helps for on-screen fingerprint unlocking & gaming, it gives the incredible smooth & sensitive touch on using.