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Hydrogel Protector vs Tempered Glass | The Difference

Why TPU films are better than Tempered Glass. The following video explain with a practical testing. It differentiate the different between TPU films and the common tempered glass.

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How to Install / Apply the Hydrogel Film

The step-by-step instruction for installing the Hydrogel Film Protector on your Mobile Phone, If you find it difficult contact us & we will show you how it is done via a video call

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The TPU Hydrogel Films Maximum Scratch Protection While Preserving Crystal Clear Image Resolution

The Features of Hydrogel Film

High Transparency

The clear material shows the highest quality of your screen, Feel the real resolution & colors of the phone screen

Scratch Resistant

The scratches and damages are resisted & restored automatically heals within 24 to 48 hours (1 or 2 Days)

Clean Usage

It gives your phone screen & back protection from fingerprints, oil stains, scratches, smudges and water drops

Automatic Restoration

The self healing technology automatically restores or repairs the scratches & small damages within 24 hours

Sensitive Touch

The sensitive touch mostly helps for on-screen fingerprint unlocking & gaming, it gives the incredible smooth & sensitive touch on using


The film protect the screen from sudden shocks & touches. It absorbs the shocks & touches while preserving the protection to the screen

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Black Shark

Motorola Screen Protector

Nubia Screen Protector

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