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A hydrogel screen protector for mobile phones is a new and innovative form of phone protection that is quickly becoming popular among users. Unlike traditional plastic screen protectors, hydrogel screen protectors are made from a gel-like material that is flexible and conforms to the shape of the phone’s screen, providing a snug and secure fit.

The hydrogel material also has self-healing properties, allowing minor scratches and dents to repair themselves over time. Not only does this provide superior protection against damage, but it also keeps the phone’s display looking like new. Additionally, the hydrogel material is resistant to fingerprints and smudges, keeping the phone free of smears and stains. As a result, users can enjoy their phones with the confidence that their screens are well protected and looking great.

Upgrade your device’s protection with our 2x thicker hydrogel screen protector. This anti-bacterial film not only protects from bacteria but also offers high transparency, allowing the highest quality of your screen to shine through. With anti-shock technology, it safeguards against sudden impacts and touches. The clean usage feature repels fingerprints, oil stains, smudges, and water drops for a clear view. Scratch-resistant and with automatic restoration within 24 hours, it resists and repairs scratches from keys, pens, and more. It stretches to fit the corners of your screen glass. The strong anti-fragmentation ability protects against sharp objects, while the anti-dust feature removes dust with a simple clean. Enjoy 100% protection from high impact drops, keys, and more. The full cover design fits the whole screen glass of your device, and the slim 0.24mm thickness provides a sensitive touch for on-screen fingerprint unlocking and gaming. Experience the smoothest and most sensitive shield on the market with our hydrogel screen protector.

Features of our Hydrogel Films

  • 2x Thickness : The thickness is double than the usual hydrogel films
  • Anti-Bacterial : Protects from bacteria
  • High transparency : The clear material shows the highest quality of your screen 
  • Anti-shock : The film protect the screen from sudden shocks & touches  
  • Clean Usage : It gives your phone screen protection from fingerprints, oil stains, smudges and water drops
  • Scratch-resistant : The scratches and damages are resisted & restored automatically within 24 hours. The scratches like keys, pen & etc. 
  • Case compatible : Perfectly fits with the phone cases, which will be stretched up to the corner of the screen glass. 
  • Strong anti-fragmentation ability – Protects against sharp objects. 
  • Anti-dust : Ability to remove the dusts automatically with simple clean. Doesn’t glue the dust on the screen or corners.
  • 100% Protection – It protects your phone from high impact drops, keys in your pockets, metal objects in your bags and other day to day scratches.
  • Automatic restoration : The self healing technology automatically restores or repairs the scratches & small damages within 24 hours. 
  • Slim : only 0.24mm thick the slickest and smoothest shield on the market.
  • Sensitive : The sensitive touch mostly helps for on-screen fingerprint unlocking & gaming, it gives the incredible smooth & sensitive touch on using. 

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