TPU Protection Films

HOW TO USE THE FILM ? (Video Instructions)


Installing Instructions & Videos How to Install the Hydrogel Film Protection on the Mobile Phones 

1. Clean the Phone Display Surface (Dust Free)

Prepare a dust free place, (Switch off the fan) clean table for installation. Please make sure the screen is completely dust free.

2. Placement on Phone​

Remove the film cut from the sheet and place it on the correct placement of your phone display. Remove all 3 layers (bottom layer which is cut in to 2 from the middle, middle layer which remains on the phone, and the top layer which is printed). You can remove and adjust is if the placement is not correct until it is placed on correct placement.

3. Installation

After the placement is correct, lift the film (along all 3 layers) up to the middle line, and remove the bottom layer which is cut in 2. Using the scrapping tool, apply the film. You the same process to remove the other side of the bottom layer too.

4. Finalizing

After the middle layer is applied, remove the top printed layer. Carefully remove only the top printed layer, which the middle hydrogel film layer will remain on the phone screen.


Installing of Screen Hydrogel Protectors | Front with sides Hydrogel Protectors | Backskins

1. Installing Hydrogel Protector on the Screen

2. Installing Hydrogel Protector on the Screen

3. Installing Hydrogel Protector on the Screen

4. Installing Backskin

5. Installing Hydrogel Protector on the Screen

6. Installing Hydrogel Protector on the Watch


  • Before installing please make sure have dust free clean place and switch off the fan and avoid windy or dust area. 
  • If any bubbles or lines remaining after installation, it will disappear (heal) within 24 hours. 
  • Use the same process for back film installation too.
  • For curved front or back phone you can use a hairdryer to heat up the edges or corners, so It will stick firmly. 

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