Step-by-Step Guide: Installing a Hydrogel Screen Protector on the Mobile Phone Screen.

here are the step-by-step installation instructions for hydrogel screen protectors on a mobile phone screen. 

1 . Clean the Phone Screen:

    • Wipe the phone screen thoroughly with the provided cleaning cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or fingerprints.

2 . Prepare the Screen Protector:

    • Remove the cut from the sheet by folding the sheet sideways vertically.
    • Ensure that you removed all 3 layers, which the hydrogel layer is sandwiched between the two protective layers.

3 . Placement of the Cut:

    • Carefully place the cut over the phone screen, aligning it properly.

4 . Adjustment if Needed:

    • If the placement is incorrect, lift all three layers using the marked sticker.
    • Re-adjust the position until it is correctly aligned.

5 . Apply the Hydrogel on the Phone's Screen:

    • Once the placement is correct, turn the phone vertically.
    • Lift the cut using the marked sticker up to the middle and push out the bottom layer using the provided squeeze.

6 . Repeat for Other Side:

    • Repeat the same procedure for the other side of the screen.

7 . Remove the Top Layer:

    • Peel off the top protective layer from the phone screen carefully.

8 . Remove Air Bubbles:

    • Using the squeeze, push out any bubbles that may have formed, especially in the corners.

9 . Healing Process:

    • Any remaining bubbles, lines, or shades will automatically heal within 24 hours.

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