Apple iPhone 13 Screen Protector | TPU Hydrogel Front & Back Protective Film


Genuine Premium Quality Hydrogel Film Screen Protector for Mobile Phones 

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The TPU Hydrogel films maximum scratch protection while preserving crystal clear image resolution. The film uses a Multi-layer nanotechnology structure can automatically repair scratches



  • High transparency : The clear material shows the highest quality of your screen 
  • Anti-shock : The film protect the screen from sudden shocks & touches  
  • Clean Usage : It gives your phone screen protection from fingerprints, oil stains, smudges and water drops
  • Scratch-resistant : The scratches and damages are resisted & restored automatically within 24 hours. The scratches like keys, pen & etc. 
  • Case compatible : Perfectly fits with the phone cases, which will be stretched up to the corner of the screen glass. 
  • Strong anti-fragmentation ability – Protects against sharp objects. 
  • Anti-dust : Ability to remove the dusts automatically with simple clean. Doesn’t glue the dust on the screen or corners. 
  • 100% Protection – It protects your phone from high impact drops, keys in your pockets, metal objects in your bags and other day to day scratches.
  • Full cover : The film comes in full, which perfectly fits the whole screen glass of the phone. 
  • Automatic restoration : The self healing technology automatically restores or repairs the scratches & small damages within 24 hours.  
  • Slim : only 0.2mm thick the slickest and smoothest shield on the market.
  • Sensitive : The sensitive touch mostly helps for on-screen fingerprint unlocking & gaming, it gives the incredible smooth & sensitive touch on using. 


  • Clear : Highest clear with HD vision 
  • Matte : Comes with matte finishing & anti-hand sweat ,Good for gaming
  • Anti-blue : Protects the eyes from phone radiations  


  • Front Film : The front film comes up to the edge of the phone’s screen glass. There won’t be any black lines in the corners or edges left on the phone screen. The holes for the camera, earpiece, call sensors & home button will be available. 
  • Back Film : The back film comes up the edges with holes for the camera, flashlight & fingerprint sensor


  • Carefully remove the film piece from the sheet. 
  • Clean the phone screen using the wipes 
  • Place the film over the phone screen on the correct placement. Check on the front camera holes, earpiece, sensors, home button & corners. You can adjust it if you need. 
  • Life the middle of the film and use a VISA card or strong flat tool & paste the film from the middle. From the middle paste both sides. 
  • If you have a few bubbles or lines, it will automatically disappear / repair in 1-2 days.

At the intelligent TPU Protective Films available for all the mobile phone brands. Front and Back Films available for more than 3000+ mobile phone models.
Including : Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Redmi, Nokia, Google Pixel, itel, Infinix,  Oppo, Vivo, Realme, LG, Sony provides the high quality TPU Hydrogel intelligent protective films for mobile phones in Sri Lanka, with Island-wide delivery. 



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